Friday, December 7, 2012

Saved by "Nasu: Summer of Andalusia"

"Come in your best Anime costume!"

That was the invitation I received about 2-3 weeks ago for a Thanksgiving party to be held at our boss' residence in time for the Holidays.

Fast-forward to 24 hours before tonight's party, the only "costume" I could manage was a Naruto T-shirt which I hope could suffice. But a colleague said most of the attendees to the annual costume party go "all out" with the theme. For example, the 2011 edition required everyone to be in a Greek costume so a lot of 'em wore branches on their heads and robes. Quite stupid-looking, I know, but pakikisama dictates that you play the part.

In panic, this morning I prayed, nay, implored that Google would reply for a positive result for my "cycling anime" search. Wearing my cycling outfit would be my last resort in getting a full costume since the Naruto wig supplier at had no stock of the yellow spiky hairdo.

Fortunately, the costume gods answered my prayer:

"Nasu: Summer of Andalusia" is a 2003 Japanese anime film (about less than 50mins long) according to Wikipedia.


An anime costume without spending a single cent.


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  1. Mura lang naman sir ang agua oxigenada (hydrogen peroxide), tapos i-gel natin! yun nga lang hanggang monday naka costume ka pa rin :D