Monday, December 31, 2012

2012: A Great Year


The year 2012 has been very kind to me as I was able to break several PRs:

FM 5:11:16 (2012)
32km 3:49:07 (2012)
16km 1:42:30 (2012)
10km 0:56:53 (2012)
5km 0:29:59 (2012)

The one that I'm most proud of is the FM (42.195km) PR wherein I chopped off 12 minutes, proof that when you do the work (16 weeks of smart training), you are rewarded handsomely.


2012 will be known for me as the year I started cross-training: spinning and strength-training. These tools that were made available to me by signing up in a gym has helped greatly in injury prevention and overall race performance. That is, activating those muscles that I never use before has now helped me perform better in my runs, especially during the last part of the run/race where stronger muscles keep my form intact to be able to dig in for more.


Except for the last 4 days of food binging in Singapore, 2012 has allowed me to lose 10lbs which I previously wasn't able to do since losing my first 10lbs last 2009. Calorie counting helped via myfitnesspal as I held on to keeping myself below 1,400 calories (as much as possible when without exercise) to lose the unwanted weight. The 10lbs that I lost was also a reason for me to break PRs this year.


2012 marks the year that I started cycling and joined a duathlon standard distance. The ASTC Duathlon that I joined last November has thought me a lot, that I have a lot to improve on especially on the bike ---a new sport that I have come to love and crave for in the mornings.

Starting the bike leg of the 2012 ASTC Duathlon


I hope to continue this upward 2012 trend in 2013. As I mentioned a few posts ago, I will aim for a new 21km PR. I would like to join more duathlons. I would like to lose another 10lbs. And, of course, the unfinished business of aiming for a sub-5 full marathon is still there.

I hope you, my (few) readers, have enjoyed my blogging this year. I hope to continue to share with you my running and duathlon experience in 2013. I don't mind if you spread the word out about my blog btw. ;-)


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