Wednesday, December 26, 2012

No rest even in Singapore

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The family and I will be heading off to Singapore for a well-deserved vacation starting tomorrow until Sunday. In case you're wondering, I used to work there from 2001-2002 on a brief contract stint. So, yup, I really miss the place (and the food!!!) so going there will bring back lots of memories working as an expat.

As this blogpost says, I hope to have some workouts there especially now that I've confirmed that the hotel that we're staying in has a gym complete with cardio and strength training equipment. Thank God!

I hope to run around the city as well at dawn. See if my lungs are capable to withstand the humidity that Singapore is known for especially during the Standard Chartered marathon.

At least I'm still able to burn some calories after my tastebuds revisit the delicious chicken rice, satay, hofun, teh ais, teh tarik ais, etc. etc.

I guess I'm qualified as a triathlete:





Happy Holidays everyone!!!

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  1. Have fun in Singapore, and Merry Christmas. Hope you had a good one. Happy New Years!