Monday, June 25, 2012

World Vision 21km: In the bag!


  1. Accurate distance. Garmin registered 20.92km but that's still ok with me.
  2. Challenging change of route. 21k races here are usually going around in BGC first before Buendia. This one, similar to Brooks 21k, started with Buendia (+ Malugay) and then around BGC last.
  3. Adequate hydration. Water all around, plus bananas and sponges.
  4. Nice medal. The glass medal was a different approach to the usual medals that we get.
  5. Generous loot bag.
  6. A feel good race since part of the reg fee went to World Vision
  7. Official results were available the next day
For improvement
  1. Delayed gun start. Garmin recorded it at 5:13am. As per the race organizer that I had a chance to meet after the race, he couldn't prevent the delay since they were waiting for the VIPs (or should I say, pa-VIP, hehe) to arrive.
  2. It would be better if the official results included chip time, not just gun time.


I treated this race as another long tempo run since I wasn't able to do my scheduled tempo run earlier in the week. Of course, finishing sub-2:20 was a must as part of my marathon program for July 29th. Pre-race meal: 1 Burger Mcdo.

The hot temperature the previous day followed suit on race day as the sun was there as an extra challenge. I was able to compensate by dousing  myself with ice cold water (as in almost taking a shower) as I went through almost every water station. It was definitely refreshing that, probably, I should bring soap next time. Hahaha. Seriously, the cool water helped lower my body temperature (like a coolant to a car's engine probably) as I was able to keep pace.

I took my Hammergel along km6 and 12. I didn't need to take a 3rd gel since I was sustained by the whole banana (almost the same calorie count as 1 Hammergel) that I took along Rizal Avenue coming from Buendia (which was surprisingly quiet as I didn't hear the usual irate drivers honking their horns in disgust).

The effort throughout the race was "comfortably hard," the way one should feel during tempo runs. I was focused on not getting my average pace slower than 6:30/km and studying the route as well, i.e. holding my pace since there are several long climbs in BGC really helped.

wet from all the water dousing, but happy!

Finish time: 2:15:56 (official from It was a great run as I was able to log my fastest 21k when under the BGC-Buendia route, and 2nd fastest 21k of all time!


I have to mention that I had a pleasure of joining a race with runner #4026 (Mark Casidsid as per the website). As I was a little over 1km when the race started, I heard a guy announce "Excuse me, blind runner" as he and a group of Soleus-shirt runners went through. I looked carefully and found Mark in the middle of the group, running at about sub-6:00/km holding a looped rope together with his guide runner. The guide runner (different from the pic below) was barefoot btw.

Their pace was too much for me so I had to let them go. By the Buendia turnaround I saw Mark and his group still going at it. By km17, near Market Market, I caught sight of them again but this time they were walking. I'm suspecting a blow up in the pace strategy or probably the heat may have been too much for Mark. Either way, I clapped my hands and said "Good job! Good job!" as I passed them.

As per the results website, Mark finished a very respectable 2:32:20 (barefoot! Shouldn't this be a Guiness world record?!). I hope to see more of him in the coming races.

Galing mo pare!!!

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  1. Nagbarefoot lang si Aga siguro nung 3K na lang bago mag finish line. Si sir gerald pizzaras ung unang nag guide kay aga pero nung bandang mga 15-16K na e nakaramdam si gerald ng pulikat. Iniwan nila si gerald nung bandang mga 17k tapos binalikan pa hoping na ok na sya dahil dapat sabay sila sa finish line magcross kaya lang d na talaga nakayanan ni gerald dahil narin siguro sa fatigue. Nag 17K trail run pa kasi sya day before the event. Actually kaya nila dagdagan pacing nila kasi hindi na daw maghahabol ng PR... :)