Friday, October 21, 2011


The kids were egging me to go down the stairs immediately this morning. I was surprised to find a beautifully crafted customized birthday cake ordered by the wifey.

The 42k on the Milo singlet I'm wearing on the cake seems to be a sign of things to come (Milo Finals 42km perhaps? Dream on! Hehehe).

You gotta love my supportive wife and kids on my passion for running. Days like these help me to keep in mind that family is ALWAYS first. That is why I try my best to keep myself healthy (thru running and other means) so that I hope to be always there for them, my support system.

Well, a birthday race is coming up this Sunday so I hope to do well. I've been running Adidas KOTR since 2009, always the 21k version (2009=2:29:55, 2010=2:21:59). I hope to finish sub-2:20 this year.

I'm now 38 and havin' a good time. Life's great!

Thank you Lord!


  1. Life is great indeed, what with a wonderful family and health. You have both of those, what else would you need? Happy birthday, bro. Advance ba? Have a good one!

    So now - you can have your cake and eat it, too hahaha!

  2. @julius, thanks! my bday's today 10/21. :)

    @rainier, thanks pre!

  3. Happy Birthday! .......and many more to come Lord willing. That is such a wonderful surprise Birthday cake. awesome to say the least. Best wishes with your 21k man. Sub 220 here we come. Can't wait to hear the results. God Bless.