Tuesday, October 4, 2011


Woke up late.

Too lazy to get up.

Kids woke up earlier than you.

One of your kids is sick and needs Daddy's dose of TLC.

The bed is just too comfy to move away from.

Had a tiring day yesterday so you had to sleep until late morning to recover.

These are just a few of the reasons why I had to occassionally skip running in the early morning before heading to the office. For those that were due to laziness, I felt guilty the rest of the day, regretting the lost pounds/training/miles that I should've logged.

The answer?


Running on my lunch break, even "just" for 5 kilometers, provides the relief that at least I was able to run for that scheduled day of training. It could be on a treadmill in the gym or the Lawton-Bayani Taguig route, either of which will suffice my addictiveness in running.

Today I had a good runch. I was able to run along the Lawton-Bayani amidst the midday sun with water-bottle in hand. Drinking and dousing my head and arms as my 305 lapped the kilometers, I felt great, managing to maintain an average 6:45/km average pace.

It's 5pm. Now, I need a real (late) lunch!

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