Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Book Reviews

Except for that 1km break-in run that I did yesterday morning (for my new Newton Distancia, hihihi), I haven't really ran since the July 4 Milo Marathon.

sweet reward

I made progress though in terms of reading these two running books. I've finally finished reading them ---an amazing feat since I'm not really into reading. I kid my wife that, at 36, my vision is still 20/20 since I rarely read my school textbooks when I was still studying. Basically, I'm not really into reading books (Hmmm, I think I said this twice in 1 paragraph. Yup, it's that much. Hehe). I would start off with a book and then just doze off in bed after 1 or 2 pages then just totally getting lazy to finish the rest. The last time I finished reading a book was the Da Vinci Code which was ages ago.

But amazingly, as mentioned, I've finished reading these two books:

Chi Running by Danny Dreyer. The book is somewhat instructional in the sense that it coaches you on the proper way to run effortlessly and injury-free. I really felt the benefit of this book in terms of Danny's reminders: (a) concentrate on keeping that lean/proper form; and (b) short strides at a waltz-cadence (wuhn, too-tree, wuhn, two-three...).

Born To Run by Chris McDougall. Borrowed from my officemate Paolo, Chris tells about his amazing trip to Mexico to find a lost tribe of super atheletes/runners called the Tarahumara to help him answer this basic question, "Why does my foot hurt?" It's a good read, i.e. two-thumbs up! Careful in reading this though, for you might think of throwing away your running shoes for Vibrams. Haha.

I'm currently reading another borrowed book, Ultramarathon Man by Dean Karnazes. So far, it's starting to become a good read as well. I'll let you know what I think of it once I finish.

That's all I could do for now while still on recovery phase. But I'll try to squeeze a few kms this week. Gotta get used to those Newtons. ;-)

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