Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Pikermi! What?! Pikermi! What?!

What the HELL is a Pikermi?

I've asked myself that question twice already this week after reading a blog (sorry I forgot which one) and on a comment on the KOTR post (which btw costs P850.00 for 21k....whoa!).

So where else to get my answer but in good ol' Mr. Google. Based on the Team Pikermi website:


A Pikermi is a running race of a distance of 13.1 miles, formerly known as a half marathon. The term was coined by a blogger named Pochero in a blog on "The Loop", which is a runner's community on the the Runner's World website. Pochero's original blog describes the idea best, so be sure to view the blog here: Good luck on that Pikermi!

Basically, the term Pikermi is used because of the route of the original "marathon" in Greece, which was a route from the town of Marathon to Athens approximately 26.2 miles (the distance of a marathon). The town of Pikermi is about the mid-point between Marathon and Athens, therefore being a distance of about 13.1 miles.

The idea behind giving the "half marathon" it's own name is based on the thought that the accomplishment of running a race of 13.1 miles should not be diminished by describing it as "only half" of something else.


Hmmm, is Pochero related to the Gingerbreadman who's famous for the liempo runs? Ahehe....

So there you go. Anyone joining the 2010 KOTR Pikermi?



  1. oH my Gulay, negosyo na to! 21k for 850php? This is now becoming a money making business brouhaha... actually now its more pretty obvious. Im now thinking to register for MTR 2010.

  2. Im not, but thanks for sharing that bit of information man. I am doing a pikermi Sep 12th, my first one. Training is well. 850php for that, it seems that is quite costly for your economical differences. The pidermi that I am doing cost 2250php converted. As far as it being a money making deal, what are the give outs?

  3. @BeePs, well it's a business pa rin however which way u look it. but if u observe the Rio races, the quality of the race-org is improving a lot. for me, I'm ok with the price-increase if it's directly proportional to the quality-increase.

    @Kenley, good luck on your 1st Pikermi. the average Pikermi reg-fee here consists of the singlet, racebib, timing-chip, hydration, loot bags, and the finisher's medal. it's not bad if you look at it. but as u know the Philippines is a poor country so 850php is still a lot of money. but there are still those 300-350php races that we can join (usually up to 10k) organized by small-time groups. in the end, the runners here still have choices as to which races to sign up for, depending on their budget.

    thanks guys for dorpping by!