Thursday, July 1, 2010

The Spirit of the Marathon

Several days to the biggest day of my life, and I'm nervous as ever. 26.2 miles. 42.195km. Will I get to see that finish line at the Quirino grandstand where just yesterday our new President and Vice-President were sworned in?

Sunday will be a test. It will be a test if my 12 weeks of training will pay off. As I said previously, I often ended up short on the required weekly mileage. But I still found myself running the following week, eager to still try to complete the program required.

I was scouring YouTube yesterday to look for more videos of Ryan Hall and Josh Cox doing training to maybe inspire me going into Sunday's race. I did find one of Ryan Hall but I also found this movie trailer: The Spirit of the Marathon (2007).

I'm currently on part 2 of 10 of the whole movie thanks to someone who uploaded it on YouTube. I hope this helps add to my mental preparations come Sunday although I may have to edit some of them out like what Bill Rodgers said:

"Geez, this is really really hard.."

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