Monday, February 22, 2010

CenturyTuna RunRio Leg1: Recipe for Revenge

The numerous good reviews that I read from last year's Timex Run had encouraged me (even prior to Condura) to register for RunRio Leg1. The chip timing, the towel and medal at the finish line, and the overall thumbs-up reviews of the race-organizing were big factors in letting me set-aside the high registration cost to experience for myself how good RunRio races are. That was my first reason.

The other reason was more brought about by revenge:

Two weeks have passed since Condura 2010 and LA, my officemate, has been smirking like the devil everytime we'd bump into each other. He had beaten me in his 21k debut in Condura, 2:24 against my 2:36. This is despite my explaining to him that I had to change my plans to pace a football buddy in his own debut.

"Puro ka excuse!" or "Winner (ako)!" was what he'd often shout when we'd meet among a crowd in the office. I'd just give a smile but deep inside I was longing to prove him wrong. Too bad though that he said he'll "retire" from running indefinitely so Condura was probably his last run since he enjoys biking more (snicker).

Still, I wanted to prove him wrong even if he won't run. The fastest Condura 21k in the office ran a 2:08 but he's been running since he was a kid. The next fastest was a 2:21. LA was 2:24. My best 21k was 2:26 (official EcoDash time).

I wanted to prove to LA that I can beat his time and more. So, I've set myself a target a day after Condura 2010: I will target a sub-2:20 21k on RunRio Leg1.

Thus began my 2-week training leading to Feb21:

Feb8 (Mon) - 5km @ 7:00 mpk
Feb10(Wed)- 10km hard tempo (1k rest, 5k @ 6:20, repeat)
Feb12(Fri) - 5km @ 7:00 mpk
Feb13(Sat) - 16km long run @ 7:11 mpk
Feb15(Mon) - 5km @ 7:00mpk
Feb18(Thu) - 7km tempo @ 6:30 mpk

I was bothered by my last run (Feb18) since I suddenly faded in pace after 4kms (found myself walking). I was somehow relieved when I analyzed that the reason for the fade was that I didn't have dinner the night before: Ash Wednesday.

Apart from the above practice runs I've included strength training (well it was only twice during those two weeks, can it count?), and back-and-forth analysis of the 21k race route: studying the elevations, learning the 5k, 10k, 15k, 10mile, 18k, 20k race-points with my projected cutoff times to reach sub-2:20.

Add to that was my constant recall of the Chi Running technique during my maintenance runs. Well, to be honest, sobrang dami kelangang tandaan so I only remembered some of it. At least, I believe, that I've made some headway in running injury-free.

I even planned out my target pace. To achieve a sub-2:20, I had to run an average 6:31 mpk based on the plotting of 21.42km of the race-course. I was only allowed to run 6:45 mpk on two kilometers which I've layed-out on km1 and km6. The rest had to be 6:30 mpk. Otherwise, bye-bye sub-2:20. My fastest half-marathon was at 6:58 average mpk. This was going to be tough, I thought. But then I'd imagine LA grinning at me and it just makes me want to do a sub-2:20 more and more.

All that training and planning will come out (or not) on race day. Like what Freddie Roach said of his greatest boxer, the outcome on fight night is a result of all the training and planning that they've done previously.

Funny how someone cooks up a recipe for motivation and revenge, don't you think? Coz I've never been that serious for a race before.

To be continued...

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