Monday, February 1, 2010

Help: Lost wedding ring at BHS

I'm hoping that this post will reach the kindness of the running community and those who frequent BHS. I hope you would be able to help me in my predicament.

You see, during or after my last long 15km group run yesterday morning (Jan30) at BHS before Condura, I lost my wedding ring.

Yes, that very symbol of commitment for all married partners, my wedding ring, is now lost. I am fairly sure that I slipped it on my zipped back pocket of my running shorts when we started (or was it inside my hydration belt pocket?). Either way, I wasn't able to find it when I remembered that I felt naked with my bare ring finger after the run. Believe me, I looked everywhere, even coming back to the BHS parking lot next to ROX and Seattle's Best to make a 2nd pass.

My wife is taking it calmly but I know that you know that she knows that I lost something very very very important. I feel guilty even more coz it felt like 'running,' my new passion, seemed to have taken it away like a selfish mistress.

I think all you married people out there can imagine what I'm going through right now. I really feel bad losing it.

So here's the thing. I am hoping and praying that probably one of you good people was able to accidentally find it during his/her BHS-loop run or while strolling around. It has "Pauline 04-17-04" engraved inside the ring.

If you or someone you know did find it, please feel free to reply to this post and leave your email/number so I can contact you. I will be forever grateful of your kindness.

If it's of any worth, our 15k lasted for 1:54. Chillax pace.


  1. man, that's terrible. i sincerely hope that you find your ring

  2. yup I'm still hoping it's not lost forever. parang nakakawalang-gana na tuloy tumakbo. :(

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