Sunday, July 14, 2019

#RoadToMilo 21k Update

Just dropping by for a quick update on my training for the upcoming July-28 Milo 21k in Manila.

Training has been doing just a little below alright, with key long runs done these past 2 Sundays (a 16k last week and an 18k this morning). Comparing my long runs leading to Milo this year vs 2018, I am better off now as I only managed to do one 16k long run last year as my longest before the race. This should be a big confidence booster coming in 2 weeks before the race.

What bothers me is how I am in terms of meeting my target sub-2:30 pace. I know that I have the endurance, but the pace to go under 2:30? Hmmm, this is a bit of a worry that I need to address on this taper period.

I will have to do more race-pace workouts to get my body familiar with this type of efforts ---on longer periods--- so as not to be shocked come race day.

I'm still biking, mostly indoors, via the Trainerroad Low Volume Sweet Spot program. It's a good complement to my weekly runs to keep my endurance levels high with less impact to my body and at the same time keeps my bike form/fitness in check.

But priority is still with my runs so I am ok to skip the ride for the day if it means more rest for me in time for the next run workout.

After Milo, I'm still dilly-dallying on whether to sign up for another BikeKing Dua (6-60-4) or try my luck on a small scaled tri. The latter could be a challenge as I've NEVER done any workout for the swim....

...ever. 😀

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