Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Milo 21k 2019: Betterer

Run CTL: 23
Weight: 168 lbs

Milo Manila has been one of my panata races for several years now, with keen interest on the 21k distance.

The sub-2:30 cutoff has always been a good challenge yearly to see how my fitness is in meeting this goal.

The 2019 version of this race proved to be successful for this 46 year old wannabe endurance athlete.

The race started at 3.30am on the dot (as punctual as all RunRio races are), with me having some difficulty reaching the start line as there were preliminary checks prior to entering the starting corral (which the organizers eventually let go seeing that there's still a long line and that the race was a few minutes from starting).

To cut it short, I was able to meet my target 7:00/km pace except for two instances:

  • One was at the start, when I had to walk 200m to the start line when the gun was fired. Lap 1 clocked 7:30+.
  • And the other was when the traffic marshals had to prioritize vehicle traffic over us (paying customers, hehe) for about 30secs. Another 7:30 lap.
Gels taken at the start, km 6, and 12. Half a banana at km18. I think this, along with my training, kept me from bonking (compared to last year's version when I started to feel sluggish as early as km 13).

What kept me motivated were the ballooned pacers, particularly the 2:30 guy who I managed to keep at bay (side note: he may have finished outside 2:30 as he couldn't see coming after I crossed the finish line).

Yes, my very few readers (hehe), I was able to meet the sub-2:30 time limit.

Garmin time: 2:28:42.

Official chip time: 2:26:47.

I managed to beat my 2018 Milo21k by 2 minutes! 😀

Really happy with my outcome for this race as I was able to train (somewhat) well coming into race day. I guess if I keep my focus on meeting my (self-) prescribed workouts, I will be ok when the gun goes off.

That and managing my food intake, hehe.

What's next? Well, it's another panata race: the BikeKing SCTEX duathlon on Sep. 8.

See ya! :)

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