Friday, December 20, 2013

2013 In Review

The following dailymile charts show my run and bike distances logged per month from December 2012 to December 2013.

Run 2013

Bike 2013

As shown, training mileage for both bike and run was lacking. Work pressures for the past 12 months have contributed much to this, apart from shortened run workouts since I had no real goal run race for this year (I've only one 21k race to show for 2013: The Rexona Run). Thus with no goal, there wasn't the usual 12 or 16 week structured training done which usually contributes to high mileage per week. Nasty injuries due to lack of training also lessened my mileage.

My new role in the Company starting 2014 will (hopefully) be much lighter on load compared to 2013. This'll be a welcome sign in terms of my getting back in race-ready shape. I'm still 5lbs over my 2012 weight, and 13lbs over my target weight so healthy eating habits must be stressed coming into 2014.

Finishing a tempo run this morning (after yesterday's 50min bike and the other day's 7k easy run) was a good sign that I'm getting back to full training mode. I hope to keep the base-training momentum going so that I'll be ready when the 2014 duathlon season begins (which could be in April or May).

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