Monday, May 13, 2013


The above dailymile log says it all. After 6km, my (weak) mind won as it forced me to walk. I knew that if I started walking it'll be the first of many walk breaks ---and it was. An hour and twenty-one minutes later, I ran (just) 10k. By my standards, it was a bad run.

My last long run before yesterday was 14km more than two months ago. My last speedwork, 10x400m, was last April 1.Since then it was 5-7k runs here and there. No structure as I just ran as I wanted to. It was good, but my overall running condition deteriorated. Yesterday's failed long run punctuated it.

My long run endurance, and the mental toughness that comes along with it, has definitely weakened. I need to regroup, concentrate on committing to the weekend long run from hereon.

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  1. maybe you've started late and it's really difficult to do long runs with the summer heat. i'm not an early riser, so it's really a challenge for me logging my long runs. one thing i've learned is to avoid lifting weights the day before so my muscles are fresh and i'm well rested.