Saturday, April 27, 2013

Work-Life-Run-Ride Balance

I read this short article and I could only nod in agreement as how my sports activities can affect my work and life aspects positively. In my view, this part is very true:

"...that cycling [or any sport for that matter --me] is something that keeps you happy, fit and focused.   Besides keeping us healthy, it provides us with a great deal of emotional capital that leads to increased productivity.  Many studies have shown that happy people are more creative, solve problems better and more quickly, are more self confident, and enjoy higher levels of leadership influence.  In other words, people who have passions outside of work (i.e. cycling in our case) are happier and perform better on the job.  Passionate people spend a great amount of time thinking about what they’ve accomplished, how achievable the task ahead is, and how capable they are of achieving it.  If people have one passion, it’s likely that they’ll be strongly driven in other areas of their lives as well."
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And this is why I run....

....and bike

....and run some more.

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