Sunday, February 10, 2013

My Ride

Recently changed:

- bar tape (from black to white)
- saddle (from black to white)

Target changes in the (hopefully not near) future:

- Groupset (Tiagra to 105 or to Ultegra)
- wheelset (optional)

Yup, biking is expensive once you get "convinced" to upgrade, especially when you visit very often.

But it's fun. ;-)


  1. quickie upgrade would be a pair of amclass 420 aero hoops. these weigh 1500+ grams so you lose some 150-200grams of rotating mass.

    this will translate to better acceleration and climbing.

    wait for the technology from the dura ace to trickle down to the ultegra/105 before getting one... unless, of course, you can get a group at a very good price!

  2. the stem should be white for a continuous visual flow. and is your sti and crank silver?