Sunday, February 24, 2013

Riding Long in Batangas

I was very excited for this weekend's family vacation in Nasugbu, Batangas. Of course I get to have quality time with my family but, more importantly for us endurance geeks, I planned a long ride while we're here.

Well, I was able to do that today, riding on the National Road from our resort in Nasugbu thru Matabungkay  then Calatagan ---and back. There were two extreme (long!!!) twisting climbs that had me choosing the granny gear and left me breathing hard at a pedestrian 10kmh. But the ride all in all was well worth it.

Total kms = 60.

Amazing to have logged such progress since accomplishing a 50km ride last week.

And yes, logging my first century ride is not too far off.

Salamat Batangas!

Taken after the first 60mins. The first hard climb folllowed then after.


  1. Sweet man! Cheers to doing a century ride soon enough man.