Monday, September 24, 2012


Sep10-16: 22km (RUN), 18km (stationary bike), 2 days weights

Sep17-23: 35km (RUN), 2 days weights, half-day badminton tournament

Been fascinated as to how much I've improved in terms of easy pace. During my training for last July's marathon #4, my average easy pace was at 7:30/km. For the past two weeks, my easy runs have averaged  a little over 7:00/km which is my target marathon pace. I believe the twice a week strength training and hitting the hill workouts for my stationary bike days have improved my running (as obviously pointed out in most of the running articles relating the need for strength and cross training for runners).

This was further proven when, the other Sunday, I did a 5k time trial in my neighborhood route and managed a 29:22 which is 37secs better than my current 5k PR. Including last Sunday's 11k run around BGC (my longest long run in quite a while) that I finished in 1:18, I'm really happy with the progress that I'm making. The 1:18 result did not show it, but I managed to control my pace within sub-7:00/km in the latter half of the run and keep my composure and effort at easy pace ---without taking any gel.

Still, the overall weekly mileage (RUN+BIKE) needs to be increased to my 50km target. At least the stationary bike is contributing a lot to this (except for the calories burned which is lesser than running) so I hope to resume my (stationary) biking this week.

Further, in terms of long runs I'm still stuck on that 11k level. Need to up the distance this weekend (maintaining composure in effort and pace) in preparation for upcoming races.

I guess there is truth to the saying that if you want to run fast, you got to run fast. I hope to remember this in my scheduled tempo/speed runs and consciously refraining from getting myself injured.


I've registered for two races next month: a 10k during the annual company sportsfest (Oct20) and a 21k the week after (Run United, in which I've already registered for online). I hope that I make progress in the coming weeks before these two races arrive so that I can really see significant improvement in my race performance.


Yup, I used the shoe for a badminton tournament last Saturday (company sportsfest as rep for Men's Doubles Class B category). Won the class without any set dropped. I guess the minimalist shoe works well with the padded badminton floor. ;-)

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