Monday, September 10, 2012

Base-Building (Again)

Aug20-26: 24km (RUN), 1 day weights

Aug27-Sep02: 35km (RUN), 12mins (stationary bike), 1 day weights

Sep03-09: 20km (RUN), 15km (stationary bike), 2 days weights

I've been acquainted with the gym for the last 3 weeks, especially when it rains or when I'm too lazy to run in the morning (more of the latter I think, haha). My lunch time gym sessions are quickly followed by fruit shake with whey 22-ounce drinks which I hope the weight loss will follow suit.

I'm base-building, hopefully the right approach this time. I target to stabilize my weekly run mileage to 50km before I start another gruelling 16-week training for marathon #5 whichever race that would be. I'm thinking either QCIM is too near. Condura? Need a lot of hill training for the dreaded Skyway. How about Cebu in January? Hmmm.....

Except for the company sportsfest 10k next month, I haven't signed up for any race yet. I'll probably sign up for another this month and see if I can get a crack at beating my 10k PR. It's good to join races coz it helps in keeping me motivated. Just need to find a race that will not conflict the family weekend plans.

Oh yeah, I ran in Baguio last Aug 27 (long weekend). Just an average 12k easy-paced training run from Camp John Hay to Mines View then Wright Park and back. The hills and thin air were challenging, but I loved it never the less.

My officemate is egging me to join a duathlon on Nov25. I will most probably beg off since I don't have a road or tri bike. Multi-sport fascinates me. The thought of cruising the road a la Craig Alexander or Chris Lieto is very tempting, but I feel that I have yet to see my full potential as a runner. I still have my sights on a sub-5 marathon so that'll keep me preoccupied until I've ran out of excuses to buy a bike ("I'll buy a bike only if a won the Lotto!" Hehehe....).

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