Tuesday, August 28, 2012

K-Swiss K-Ruuz 1.0 After 377km

I'm posting pics of my ever reliable K-Ruuz 1.0. I bought this earlier this year and, after 377 kilometers or roughly 235 miles, it has served (and continous to serve!) me well.

The outsole after 377 km (approx. 235 miles)

This racing flat is very light.  It encourages you for a quick leg turnover, thus I've used it mostly for my speedwork/tempo training days and also for all my 21k and lower distance races this year. It is very responsive especially when you wear it sockless.

The only thing that I don't like about it is that tiny particles can still pass through the water holes from the outsole to the inside of the foot. This is very irritating as that teeny tiny pebble(?) less than a millimeter thick irritates my feet with every step. Thus there's no choice but to slow down, step aside, untie the laces, and remove the shoe so that the particle can be expelled. I saw that the 1.5 version of this shoe still has the same vents so probably there will still be the same irritating experience (especially in races!).

Particles smaller than the sock lining's vent holes can pass through, irritating the foot

The upper is starting to deteriorate from all the miles incurred

Overall, the shoe is a great racing flat great for those days when you just have to rub that itch for speed. It's light and the upper is well ventilated. The holes on the outsole and socklining should be addressed to block small particles from reaching the foot.


  1. thank you for the sharing your experience! but i noticed the advanced wear and tear after just 377-km? is the sole too soft?

    1. Yes the white part of the outsole is soft, hence the advanced wear. This is usually associated with racing flats that have an exposed foam (like EVAfoam).