Friday, March 2, 2012

Rogin-E LMR2: Can You Go Another Round?

I was fortunate enough to be invited to the bloggers' launch party at TGIF BHS for Rogin-E's Last Man Running 2, an endurance race with 5+2k, 10+4k, and a 7-hour endurance event. Putting faces to familiar blogs that I'd often visit (Jazzrunner, KikayRunner, RunningEnthusiast, RunningAtom, etc.) was fun as we talked about running and racing ---of course.

The Last Man Running 2 (LMR2) will be held on March 24, 2012 at BGC. This race is unique since it seeks to push one's limits beyond the usual race distances since there's "free" extended kilometers for you to complete the course. For the 5k, you get to run another 2k then for the 10k, you can run an additional 4km.

For those die-hard runners out there, there's the 7-hour endurance event with the last man (or woman) standing gets a free entry to the Great Wall of China Marathon. There's a strict pacing per 7k-loop completed so I doubt that many (myself included) would be able to keep up in the succeeding loops. However, the race-organizer said that the runners who fail to meet the target pace can still run the 7km-loop (or 7 hours) as a long run (but are out of the running for the top prize). Too bad I can't log a sub-5:00 kilometer ---yet. ;-)

Singlet, race routes, and mechanics as below (click on the pics for a larger view).

Do visit the race website by clicking here.

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