Monday, February 13, 2012

The long road to a sub-5


Running has been pretty consistent the past few weeks, logging between 35-42km per week. I'm currently employing a 3-week cycle wherein 2 weeks are at high mileage (42km) while the 3rd week is a down week which is around 30km/week. Saturday long runs have been between 18-20km. After the down week I increase the weekly target by 10% for 2 weeks.

I'm finding it difficult to run regularly at Maffetone pace since I run with office colleagues about twice per week (blame it on the office's Biggest Loser contest so everyone's running to lose the weight). Of course, this 38 year old needs to keep up with his running buddies, whether it's hilly Meralco, Green Meadows, or Little Baguio. As per my GF305 stats, my average HR is still at or below 142 for those runs, which is good.

I haven't employed any speedwork/tempo runs yet since I want to see how much I can improve my aerobic capacity by running at Maf pace alone. Really have to control my pace (and HR) when with my running buddies. I'll probably start incorporating non-easy-paced workouts by March.

Overall, I feel that my easy-pace (and effort level) is improving thanks to Maffetone training. I'm already excited as to how much my race-pace could *possibly* improve once I start my speedwork, tempo run workouts, and finally, races.


Thanks to a nifty app called myfitnesspal, I've been seeing considerable weight loss since the beginning of the year. So far I've lost 5lbs, and I hope to lose more in time for my racing season to start. The tool is simple really, as it aids you in calorie-counting your daily food-intake. Once the habit is ingrained, you learn to control the calories and eventually lose the weight. myfitnesspal is free btw.


Aside from the regular road races on the takbo.PH calendar (RU1, Yakult 10-miler, to name a few), I'm seriously thinking about signing up for my first ever aquathlon by way of the Ateneo Aquathlon on March 4. I started swimming once a week to help alleviate my still recurring left knee pain. I'm looking at the Lite event (400m swim, 3k run) which I aim to simply finish. My longest swim so far has been a 200m "chillax" swim (including 1-minute pitstops at the end of a 20m lap) which I need to improve on. If I get an opportunity to swim again this week, I'll assess my readiness and sign-up (or not) for the aquathlon. Otherwise, I will probably sign up for the RU1 half-marathon which coincidentally falls on March 04.

This year I'm dead-set on running a sub-5 full marathon. I'm looking at joining 3 marathons in 2012: Milo Manila Elims (July), RunRio Marathon (Oct), and QCIM4 (Dec). I'll try to stay injury-free as much as I can, moreover now that I've learned how to control my pace especially on easy days.

It's gonna be a busy 2nd half of the year.


  1. Roelle, is that gorgeous lady included in your Maffetone training method?:-)

  2. Hahaha...sir baka nakita nyo yung google-ad sa end of my post. Ewan ko ba sa kanya, lagi syang napapadaan dito sa blog ko. wag syang magtangkang tumakbo, hahabulin ko sya! hehehehe...