Monday, February 20, 2012

Feb13-19 Recap

Last week I ended up with 47km total ---the longest that I've had since QCIM3 race-week. The runs were as follows:

Tue - 7km easy
Thu - 8km easy
Sat - 20km easy
Sun - 12km medium effort

I'm now comfortable with my runs, including the long runs which are either 18 or 20k, although last Sat my planned 25k was cut short since I bonked at the latter part. I then "punished" myself by increasing the supposedly 7k recovery run into a 12k medium effort on Sunday morning.

That 12k Sunday run around BGC was epic in the sense that, between km2-10, I consistently logged 6:50-ish per km laps which was something that I've never done since my last race (QCIM3). The result was sort of gratifying and worrying at the same time since I've never forced the pace for quite a while now. I was worried to reinjure my left knee (thankfully it held up nicely).

My right foot has been suffering from plantar fascia (PF) for several weeks now which I assume to be caused by my new shoes, the Brooks PureFlow. It's either the thick socks (I bought a new set of Brooks) or this shoe does not allow you to walk (which causes heel strike). The 12k run last Sunday didn't cause any PF issues since I wore a thinner pair (a pair of Nike Running socks that my sister gave as a Christmas gift last December). Right now, I'm almost inclined to cut the NAV-Band on the Pureflow to see if it'll help. Probably I'll give it another few weeks before I decide to grab the scissors. ;-)

I'll probably skip the aquathlon on early March since I haven't had any pool time last week. I might just hold off the swimming lanes with my persisent standing breaks, hehe. The RU1 event is inviting except that the event is at MOA, a little far from where I stay. Come to think of it, why are the BGC races seem to be less this 1st quarter of the year?

This week is a down week, meaning decreasing the mileage to 30k. I'm glad to have planned a 3 week mileage plan since down weeks like this help my body recover and get out of the obligation to meet high weekly-mileage targets.

And yes, so far this Maf training made me not want to chug a pack of GU during my long runs.

Easy does it.

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