Monday, January 9, 2012

Running Log: Jan2-8

8km. 1:10. 8:45/km average. Bikilas.
Ave HR 132. Max 144. First run of the year. Afternoon run on a cloudy day.

5.17km. 42:45. 8:33/km ave. Green Silence.
Ave HR 137. Max 146. Ran lunchtime at BGC. The sun was up but there was a cool breeze. Walked the uphills as HR went >142. Right lower leg front muscle ached. It could be the shoes' upper that has stretched over time. Time to buy a new pair. ;-)

18.8km. 2:45. 8:47/km ave. Bikilas.
No HR monitor. Middle 10k ran with an officemate. Pace on that segment was faster than MAF pace as he had new shoes, hehe. We started at 6:30/km then fatigue met us at the latter kms, at a stubborn 7:45/km pace. The stopover at km14 (cuapao and choco drink at Greenhills weekend market) made me bloated, forcing me to walk most of the remaining part home. Yup, will never eat that much in the middle of a run again. Damn you, cuapao!

5.08km. 41:00. 8:01/km ave. Brooks Pureflow.
Ave HR 131. Max 143. First run on these babies were awesome as evidenced by the relaxed ave HR and pace. Cushioned but still with the minimalist heel-toe drop (4mm). I'll post a complete review after I log more miles on them.

TOTAL KMS: 37km (exceeded weekly allowed by 1km)

Still building my aerobic engine and weekly miles. Haven't seen any concrete result of Maffetone training ---yet. Yeah, this runner is very impatient. Hehe. Well, it's just been 3 weeks so probably another 3 weeks more before I notice any improvement.

I'm thinking of reaching a target of 2,000km for 2012. My annual kms since 2009 were 1,000+, 1,500+, and 1,427km. Barring any injury, I hope to meet said goal (along with a smaller waistline).

Browsing the race schedules and resisting the urge to register for a race has been like me resisting Chatime milk tea on a thirsty office afternoon. I'm still sticking to this Maffetone "diet" of low HR-paced runs. Except for the 3k New Manila Fun Run that I'm coaxing the Mrs. to join as her first run (I'll be beside her as moral support), I'll probably not be in race-ready mode until late March.

See you on the road!


  1. Hey there, that would be great if you and your Lady can run a race together. Just this week, I started to dabble into this maffetone thing doing some research. (Thanks to you, haha) So, this morning I did a 4.5 mile run and kept it nice and slow at about 8:00 per km (yes, I used a conversion tool) and at the end I took my heart rating and was right on target for the 180 - your age rate. And you know what? I felt great today, like I did something but at the same time, I felt I could go on forever it seems. I know that faster running makes you a faster runner, but so does getting rid of 30 pounds too. lol. So I will try this out for a few weeks too to see what's up. Thanks for all of the motivation in your blog, and though I do not comment all the time, I do keep up. Take care, and Happy New Year too.

  2. Thanks Kenley! Let's see how this Maffetone training will lead us to, shall we? Hehehe.

    A blessed new year to you and your family too!


  3. I can tell you one thing, at least I know I am going at a comfortable pace I can handle. Is the goal to see if your heart rate can lower going at the same pace, or just to remain injury free? Thanks

  4. the goal, I think, is to improve your pace while at a comfrtable HR, which is your Maf pace. comfortable HR pace is usually one's easy pace. thus you establish a good base for several weeks/months before u add in speedwork and tenpos as the actual race training begins. :-)