Friday, January 27, 2012

Brooks PureFlow Review


After a forgettable Marathon #3 at QCIM 2011, I was able put myself back together (after almost a week of self-pity) and move on. Post analyzing that race, I've assessed that the Brooks Green Silence, a formidable minimalist racing flat IMHO, is not suited for my 165-lb build mowing across 42.195 kilometers at an average pace of 7:00-7:30/km.

After 619kms (386 miles), my Green Silence had to go. I think that's more than enough for a racing flat.

It was evident in my 16-week training prior to that race as I was not able to meet the mileage required of my scheduled long runs. I got easily fatigued as the kms beeped on my Garmin, assumed to be brought about by the lack of comfort/cushion in the said minimalist shoe.

I still wanted to be a runner embracing minimalist/natural methods but I also wanted even just a tad of cushioning to hopefully conquer my long runs.


After weeks of searching, I ended up with two shoes to decide on:

1. Asics DS Trainer 16
2. Brooks Pureflow

My first choice was the Brooks Pureflow (special thanks to @Oblinkin of Runblogger fame who confirmed my assessment) but RUNNR store in Taguig ran out of my size when I inquired around middle of December.

It was the Asics then. Unfortunately, the P6,250.00 price tag was too steep for me. Further, I missed the year-end sale of TheBrick MultiSport store at McKinley Hill (they were selling the DS-Trainer 16 at P5,000.00, other stores are selling it for P6,250.00).

By early January I was at a loss on what shoe to buy. But then, by some divine intervention, I thought of calling RUNNR store again on a Friday afternoon.

Lo and behold! They have a Brooks Pureflow size US9.0 being sold at P4,995.00!

I told the saleslady to hold onto the pair for the weekend for me. By Saturday evening I was able to grab hold of them. Of course, the next day I wore it immediately for a 5k easy Maffetone run.


The fit is perfect and the feel is comfy. The other online reviews say to get a pair half-size smaller but true-to-size bests suits me. I like the wide toebox (as usual). Comfort and minimalist do not usually go together but the guys at Brooks were able to make these two work together. Overall, it felt just right for me.


I have logged 61kms with them so far, using them for my Maffetone training with distances ranging from 5k to 18k. I looooove the just-the-right-amount of cushioning that this shoe provides, especially in my weekend long runs.

My only complaint, observed only in my first few runs, was slight discomfort at the top of my right foot when running with them. I assume the Nav Band was causing this discomfort. However, in the runs succeeding the break-in stage, I was not feeling the said discomfort anymore.

Taken from

The Brooks Green Silence has a very durable outsole and I think the Pureflow, so far, is just as durable. I think I'll be able to log more miles in them, assuming no other wear occurs on the upper.

Of course, the 4mm heel-to-toe drop is suitable for my minimalist taste. Midfoot strike is (comfortably) achieved.

Tomorrow morning I plan to run 20k, my longest on the Pureflow so far. If all goes well, that small-but-just-the-right-amount of cushioning will make it another pleasant long run.

My next marathon could be in July (The Milo Manila Elims). The Pureflows will be a good tool in meeting my required miles for the weekly long runs.

And with that, hopefully I'll achieve my sub-5 hour goal.

06/12/2012 Update: I removed the NAV Band. Read here.

07/31/2012 Update: Used it for my 4th full marathon and got a 10min PR! Read here.


  1. I doubt I will ever go pure minimalist. I think the NAV band would cause me to want to throw them out. Last year, I bought a pair of DS Trainers ( I only wear ASICS since that's all I have been wearing for 3 years) and they are awesome. Though your pricing is way too high. I believe I paid about $75 (about 3375P) I got them from the Running warehouse online, plus my local running store gives me a 20% discount for shopping there all the time. lol. I might look into other brands in the future, but every time I try something out, they don't feel right. For some one not wanting to go too minimalist but wants a light shoe with a good amount of cushion, the DS Trainer is the way to go. Will have to check out those Brooks though, they look pretty cool. My Maff Training is going well. Burning lots of fat. lol

    1. Wow those DS trainers are a real bargain! Unfortunately Asics are pretty steep here. But I'm quite ok with the Pureflows for now.

      Thanks Kenley!