Saturday, August 27, 2011


Loose shoelaces were problems that I encountered with the Brooks Green Silence when I raced in the Mizuno 10k and 16k. Just having to slow down, stop, and kneel to fix the damn thing would cause me about 30sec-1min delay ---time that I don't need especially when gunning for a PR. @paopedal, my triathlete-officemate, encountered the same mishap during one of his running workouts ---wearing the Brooks Green Silence as well. Hmmm, this should be something that Brooks needs to look at.

After the 16k race I decided to buy a pair of Yankz! shoelaces. I've seen this type of laces being used by triathletes (watching the video from the 2010 Ironman Kona Championships). Their "you'll never tie laces again" logo had bought me in.

Installing these laces takes some patience. Just follow the manual inserted, or you can follow the video I found below in YouTube (yeah, almost everything you need to know is in YouTube these days):

Well, I'm happy to say that I am quite satisfied with them Yankz!. I used them in last weekend's Run United2 half-marathon and had no complaints. Oh btw, I used tiewraps for installing the RunRio timing card. Works like a charm!


  1. great review chief! thanks for sharing. where did you buy your yankz? i'm thinking of getting one also. thanks.

  2. hi Din! You can buy them at The Athlete's Foot at P545.00. I think RUNNR should have them too. :)