Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Another Subic Long Run

My family and I checked-in at the Kamana Sanctuary and Spa in Subic last weekend and boy, it's a very nice place especially if you want some peace and quiet.

It's just unfortunate that I only noticed last Sat when we reached Subic that there was a Milo elims race scheduled there (Olongapo leg) the next day. This was obvious after I noticed almost every other electric pole along the road to Subic airport wrapped with a Milo poster plus a lone open tent which I presumed to be a water station. If there was room for late registrants I would've woken up early and went to the track and field in Subic-proper to race an impromptu half-marathon.

Anyway, prior to that discovery I already conditioned myself to do a 12-14km long run on Sunday morning in preparation for this Sunday's takbo.ph 16k. Thus, with my trusty Bikilas, hydration belt and pack of GU, I started my run.

To summarize my run, I fell short of my target and ended up with 10.26km only as per my GF305. The 1st 3km run (or climb) was from the resort to the main road. It was an endless climb (think Baguio, but without the chill) that I ended up sweating like a pig after a mile. Average pace was at a struggling 8:30/km but I still trudged on and turned right on the main road towards Zoobic.

The main reason why my long run was cut short was, sissy me, I saw a mean-looking askal.

No, not that Azkal, but a real ASong KALye (stray dog) barking at me wildly like I was for breakfast. Sad to say, I had to turn back which was incidentally at km5 at that point and made my way back to the resort.

Except for that dog incident, I had a nice, challenging run. The climbs and descents were steep that are comparable to Baguio.

"S" climb

Yup, I'll run that route again the next time we spend the weekend there, hopefully without the askal.

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