Monday, October 25, 2010

Adidas KOTR 2010 21k: I'll take it

In a nutshell, me finishing this race at 2:22:00 (gun time) was not bad. My 2:18 PR still stands, but coming out of this race with that finish time (2:21:35 chip time) is still a decent finish if you look at how unconditioned I was going into this race.

Recalling the past weeks where I got under mileaged due to a bout with the flu (only 15km for that week), having only a dismal 14.6km (supposed to be 18k) as my longest long run in 4 weeks, didn't do specific hill-training, and didn't do carbo-load preparations the week before the race, I was lucky to come out of this race alive.

What may have saved me is a good race-nutrition strategy (HammerGel Espresso taken at km7 and km14, stopping at almost all the hydration stations), the lightweight Adizero Adios shoes that I've used only once prior to this race (a 12km easy run 3 days prior), and that feeling of positive-thinking and invincibility whenever I overtook another 21k runner (hehe).

Looking at my Garmin stats, I was doing well pace-wise until km12 ---Buendia flyover return route. I was able to refrain from walking during that entire stint, but it took a lot from me on the way to the hilly RizalAve-5thAve-Lawton-Bayani route. Pace dropped considerably from 6:30/km to as much as 7:26/km. I found myself doing walk-breaks during that stretch. Yet again, hill-training NEEDS to be done. Seriously Roelle (yes I'm talking to my future self), you really need to do serious hill-training. Do your long runs religiously, PLEASE!

I really need to stick with the program, so to speak, especially now that I'm starting week #2 of my Condura 2011 full-marathon training. Further, my next race, Runrio3 on Nov21, is a 20-miler (32km). Poor performance will definitely haunt me during these races if I fail to execute my training to the letter.

Of course, I have to love doing it too!


Shoutouts: I'd like to greet the runner-bloggers I saw during the race. Dennis, Wilson ("Yo!" hehe), Patrick, Rene, and James. I also saw Jet, Roselle (thanks for that high-five along 5th Ave, I really needed it!), and Sam who didn't race but were on their scheduled long run I presume. It was great seeing you guys.

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