Thursday, October 28, 2010

Take The Stairs!

"Gusto ko nyaaaaaan!" ("I want thaaaaaat!")

Officemate/triathlete/sadist @paopedal got excited when I showed him an ad I found on the Philippine Star newspaper yesterday. With eyes beaming like a child on Christmas morning, you could feel that he wanted, nay, NEEDED to try this.

I think there's a similar race in the US (Empire State?) conducted yearly. IMHO, this is a true test of knee/leg-strength.

All I can say is, wasakan ng tuhod ito ("This race is gonna break your knees") if your unprepared/untrained.

Now, who's in? :-)

Race details here.


  1. I know they hold vertical marathons in Sing. Would have wanted to try this, but it's too close to the Sing Marathon. Delikado :D


  2. oo nga. good decision Julius! all the best in the Sing Marathon!