Friday, April 2, 2010

A Good Friday Long Run

I haven't ran long since CenturyTuna 21k (Feb21) so I decided to do one this morning ---18k to be exact. I was left walking and running towards the last 3 kms, a sign that I need to do more of these regularly.

The roads were free of pollution as most of the cars plying the metro were either asleep or have gone to the provinces for the Holy Week break although the summer sun was still here. Nevertheless, the roads were kinder this morning to a runner such as me.

An easy average pace of 7:48/km was not that bad, considering that I haven't ran longer than 10kms for the past few weeks. Further, the 1,344 calories that registered on my 305 served as my prize for the day (woohoo!).

It was definitely a Good Friday.


  1. All this talk about the 305 made me post an article on it. lol. Glad you had a Good Friday Long Run. You finished it and that is what counts. My wife and I go back and forth on getting a condo in Manila or a house in Mariveles. She says I would might like Manila due to the western influences, etc.. We'll see. Take care, and rest easy. I have a 13k to rip out in the morning.

  2. I missed running this Lenten Season. I would really love to run last Good Friday too, but we headed on to Lucban, Quezon. My legs got itchy on running as I saw a number of runners on our way. Oh, I'm so envious. Good for you, you had your long run.

  3. @kenley, if u stay in Manila u get to race almost every weekend while in Mariveles u always get to have those unpolluted long runs. either way, you'll still be running. all the best on your maiden 21k.

    @minnie, well Apr9 is a holiday (in Manila) so it's another chance to have a long run. I'm all set, probably 16-20kms same route as last week. hope you've scheduled one too.

    happy weekend!

  4. I had my long run (15K) last Tuesday; then a roughly 8K Wednesday. Then I'm on for a 10K at Mizuno this Sunday :)