Friday, July 17, 2009

M.O.V.E. rain! M.O.V.E.!

No thanks to bad weather, I'm still undecided on participating in Sunday's M.O.V.E. Manila 10k Run at UP. The hourly-forecast at has predicted that it will be scattered thunderstorms and 85% chance of rain by July 19, 5:00am and 6:00am. But I'm still hoping that the underdog 15% chance of sunshine will still win just like what happened at the Mizuno Run Time Trials. Below is the current weather status of Manila (July 17, 5pm):

Well, I've printed out the registration form so if the weather will be alright by 5am, I'll drive immediately to UP and just register onsite. I hope they still have the singlet by then coz sayang naman yung P350.00.

Everybody sing with me!!!

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