Sunday, July 12, 2009

Shin Splints

I think I've got them after my "easy" run this morning as dictated by week2 of my 21k program. I may have overstressed myself by following the scheduled runs last week:

Mon- off
Tues - Fartlek 4miles
Wed - 5miles easy run
Thu - 3miles easy run (which I made a hard run by finishing 5k in 30:01)
Fri - off
Sat - 3miles easy run
Sun - 7miles easy run

This morning's run ended at 6.5 miles since I was running too slow (easy run should be 1-2minutes slower than your race pace according to the program I'm following pero mukhang I was slower than that since I finished 10k in 1:30 (my slowest)) and had to cut short since my wife and I had to attend our first PTA meeting.

What are shin splints? Wikipedia best describes it via this link.
Could it be that running way too slow for my normal pace may have caused it? Or are my Nike Victory shoes not fit for my foot? Hmmm....I'd better go to Mizuno or RunnR in BHS to have that gait analysis.

Buti na lang tomorrow, Monday, is an off day so it'll be enough time to recover (along with taking Alaxan FR).

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