Monday, March 18, 2019

The Road to Clark Dua Classic 2019

Yup, that's the first dua I signed for for this year, 2019. It'll be on April 7 at Clark with me taking on the classic 10k-40k-5k standard distance.

Training has been good since my last post before the Nike shoe review, with my TP CTL reaching exactly 50 yesterday, Sunday. Been training my ass off during the weekdays and hammering it further on the weekends BUT keeping my body status in check (i.e. preventing injury from overtraining/overexerting). Waking up to the workouts, as usual, has been the hardest part but so far I have been shutting the voices in my head to go back to bed and instead pursue the intended workout for the day. REALLY a lost of will power being tested here. Hehe.

I think in terms of race readiness, I am "almost there" for the bike and "somewhat almost there" for the runs. I still have this week to put in big volume, quality workouts so I hope to get more in before the 2 week taper starts next week.

Btw, I am also glad to report that, for 12 days now, I have eliminated eating sugary desserts or drinks as part of my Lenten sacrifice. I have a lost 4lbs since March 6 so this looks very promising. Hopefully, I may be able to reach my long sought after target weight of sub-160lbs. Just sad though that I can only smell Dunkin and more chocolates! 😢 Sigh...


Scored a new frame (which has long been overdue) two weeks ago thanks to roadiemanila's reco: a 2018 BMC TMR02 that he found in one of his bike shop visits. I wanted to have an aeroframe for quite a while now so this was a welcome upgrade to replace my 2014 Argon Gallium Pro that served me really well.

The ride has been great so far, with this aero frame wanting nothing but speeeeed as I tested it out in Nuvali. It's also good on the climbs and overall handling so I can't wait to see how this performs on Apr 7, its maiden race.

I guess that's it for now. I have 3 weeks left before Apr 7 so I hope to do well in that one. A 3:02 2012 PR has been standing for quite a while now. I can't say if I can beat that at this point, but who knows, right? 💪😃

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