Thursday, June 14, 2018


On occasion, I would try to measure my progress in run and bike via time trials (for run) and FTP tests (for bike). I have done both very recently and, unfortunately, both have yielded bad results ---no thanks to not following my training programs to the letter be it due to laziness or family/work priorities.


I have this workout that I called "Run TT" or Run Time Trial wherein I warm up for about 10 or so minutes followed by an all out 30 minute run. Whatever the average pace I record for that 30-min period, I will consider as my threshold pace.

My last Run TT was Feb23, a couple of weeks before my 10k race (PF Sub1). In that workout, my threshold pace was at 5:53/km. Needless to say that I was able to meet my sub60 10k goal weeks later.

Fast forward to today, Jun14, I decided to do a time trial again. 

It was miserable.

My supposed 30min lap ended at around 24mins when I couldn't run at a good pace any longer, stopping my Garmin at 4km. My average pace was at 6:06/km ---13 seconds slower vs Feb. This could mean I need to improve my base which I have lost in recent weeks.


I tried out the latest creation of the developers at Trainerroad: the Ramp Test workout wherein it boasts of a shorter and more accurate(?) way to measure one's FTP. It has gone thru rigorous testing according to the creators in the TR podcast, so why not give it a shot, right?

The result: my FTP dropped 20 WATTS. I may have a way out here as I had to repeat the first 10 minutes of the workout. I was tinkering with my Spotify app to select a good playlist for the workout when I accidentally exited the TR app. This *could* be a reason for the 20 watt drop so I will have to try this test again soon, i.e. next Tuesday.

But if I get a similar (drop) result, it will be very demoralizing indeed. 

We'll find out on Tuesday. ;-)


Milo 21k is 6 weeks away while SCTEX Duathlon is 12 weeks away. 

Based on my recent measurements, I am wayyyyy down in terms of race readiness. Fortunately, I still have time to recover and progress back up to a better form. 

Hopefully I'll be alright by the time the gun fires on race day.

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