Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Dreaming of Milo

So the annual Milo Marathon Elims are coming up on July 30 and I'm still dilly dallying if I'm going to register....for the 21k race.

As you know I am in NO condition to run a full mary anytime soon so the 21k event is something that I *could* achieve by then.



Meeting the 2:30 cutoff for the finisher medal is also a concern ---something that I used to do with no worries years (and less pounds) ago.


What's going for me to register is that my weekend long run has been building up nicely (12k and 13k for the past two Sundays). This is in preparation for the Maxicare 16k in BGC on July 9 that I already registered for sometime back. I need to bring back the regular long runs so registering for the July 9 race should help motivate me to run further ---and hopefully start burning more fat in the process.

But the question still remains: should I Milo or not?

Milo is THE race that all purist runners want to do as it is considered as the most prestigious race in the Philippines. Having finished 2 full Milo marathons and 2 Milo halves under my belt has been a great accomplishment already.

But the allure of racing it once again is very tempting ---as always.



  1. Hey man, if a Half Marathon is what you can do, there is always next year. Give me a few and I will do the Full Mary with you. Or the Corregidor Island Half or something. Hope all is well.

    1. Heyyyy! Long time no hear! Hope all's well with you and the family! :)

      Can't access your blog Bro. Is the link still active?

      Hope to read from you again soon!