Friday, March 21, 2014

Mar10-16 Training Log

152 kms.

9 hours and 8 minutes.

Last week was another breakthrough week in terms of training volume for me. On the weekend, I went up again the ULTRA hill twice, a 300m 7% climb. My aim is to get comfortable (i.e. learn to love) hills, especially on the bike.

My climb there is at a pedestrian 5-6 kmh, a pace Contandor will not be proud of. I hope to do better climbing it towards the end of the year. Yeah, that long to be in at least 5% of Contador's climbing skills (I think).

I'm itching to race again so thankfully I'm scheduled for one next Sunday (March 30th). It's a short 4-25-4 duathlon in General Trias, Cavite, so it's a good place to see how conditioned I am (or not) since I've hired a coach last Feb.

Let's see.

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