Thursday, October 17, 2013

Panic at the Disco?

The Rexona Run is coming up this Sunday and it'll be my first 21k for 2013. Having preoccupied with cycling and duathlons, I reduced my road races and shied away from anything longer than 10k since January.

I forced myself to reg weeks ago for this race, as I felt the need to run longer ---something that I've been missing for quite some time now. For the past 3 weekends I managed to run longer, but probably not enough:

12.5 km

The recent change of office location and occasional nightshift work have reduced my morning workouts by a big deal. So much that I'm afraid that my goal this Sunday would be to simply finish. Any plan to speed up might result in hitting the wall in the latter part of this disco/rock laden race (which I'm excited for!).

I am far from being in PR-beating shape. With 6lbs gained, I really need to get the workouts (and the diet plan) back in! Hopefully Sunday's race would inject some endurance-junkie-juice back to my routine.

I hope to start by lining up a lot of races before the 2013 season ends. Apart from possibly joining the QCIM and Milo Finals 21k events, I signed up for a double-header next month (Nov16 Standard Duathlon and Nov17 a 40km challenge cycling event) and another duathlon if the Subic Dua by TRAP pushes through on December 01.

Hopefully all the training needed for all those races above will get me back into shape.

Going back to the Rexona Run, it's quite weird for RunRio to start the 21k event at 3am, which is usually reserved for full marathons. It's gonna be an early wake up call. This would mean that I need to get quality rest by Friday night.

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