Sunday, September 22, 2013

(Non) Training Update

The daily mile training charts for my running and cycling shows that I've not been doing more of what is expected.

Running kms per month

Cycling kms per month

As seen above, running declined last August and my cycling since July. There are several reasons that I can think of as to why this happened:
  1. Office location change from Ortigas to Ayala. Coming from QC, I now have to leave an hour earlier than usual to get to Makati. This means that my usual workouts in the morning would have to be shortened or sometimes none at all. Further, there's no nearby Gold's Gym there that will allow for lunchtime runs or spins.
  2. Bad/Bed weather. Those two(?) weeks of continous rains due to storms or LPAs forced my weekend workouts to a stall as well. Much like this weekend wherein I planned to ride at MoA with @roadiemanila, the LPA forced to me to back to bed.
  3. Not much races for me. So far this year I had 3 duathlons, showing my growing interest on the sport. But for run races, I only have ONE 10k and ONE 5k race so far. What? Not even a single half-mary this year? Sadly yes, I think the longest that I ran this year was a measly 14k months ago. But not to worry, my very few readers (hehe), as I'm thinking of signing up for several 21k's before the year ends. Of course, this'll prompt me to put in the needed run mileage. Probably the Rexona Run on Oct 20, plus QCIM and the Milo Finals in December. Probably.
My weight has suffered due to the lack of mileage, as our weighing scale shows I've gained 5 lbs from my lowest weight last year when I was breaking 21k PRs here and there. Blame it on Pancake House and Dad's, yummeh!

5lbs would be easy to lose if I watch my diet and bring back the run miles. Hmmm, I'd probably need one of those long bike rides as well so that I don't stress the knees if I only run.

Let's see what happens in a month, as I'll be 40 then. ;-)

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