Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Countdown to 2013 Unilab Duathlon

If my bike-run brick last week was any indication of how I'll perform this Sunday, then I'm going to bonk by Run2.

Last Saturday I did a 30k-5k bike-run combo around the neighborhood. By the 2nd km of my run, I totally gassed out even after consuming a HammerGel 15mins before my ride ended. I was run-walking as if I was on the 33rd km of a full marathon, my running mojo left at home. It was very frustrating.

I have only myself to blame as laziness in performing quality runs (tempos, speedwork) was left wanting days before. Of course, I can also also blame the bad weather the past two weeks but I should've found time to squeeze some runs here and there.

Well, this Sunday's race day so I don't know if my planned interval run workout and a run-bike brick will make me race ready. I will probably not force myself below 6:00/km pace on Run1 and feel myself on the bike so as not to over exert so I'll still have whatever energy left by Run2. If I'm still ok by then, I'll give my everything including the kitchen sink, so to speak, for the last 4k run.

Wish me luck!


  1. good luck! Sometimes race day adrenalin plays a big factor too.

  2. thanks Dennis! however it goes, I hope to have a good time. :)