Monday, December 26, 2011

Running Log: Dec19-25

7km. 55mins. 7:38/km average. Green Silence.
Attempted a 5k mock race with a target time of sub-28mins. Crashed, ran out of gas at km3. Settled for a 17:52 for 3km. Added extra kms during the cooldown to make up for the short "race."

5.2km. 40:10. 7:43/km average. Bikilas.
First Maffetone run. Target HR <142. Ave HR 135. Max HR 146. Walked the uphills whenever HR exceeded 142.

17.06km. 2:18:26. 8:07/km average. Green Silence.
Long run. 10k with an officemate around Ghills to Ortigas Business District and back. Pitstop at km14 for a choco drink. Had fun, as usual. GU at km9. Gatorade all the way.


10% weekly mileage increase met. Hope the trend continues in the following weeks. The race ads all over the local running blogs are very tempting but Maffetone training limits running pace not to exceed a target HR (in my case, 142). Still feel slow at the 135-142 HR range but I'm looking forward to the results after 6 weeks, entrusting myself to the science of this type of training (Mark Allen better be right about this).

I've signed up to, a free online service that requires you to log in ALL food that you've eaten for the day and then shows the corresponding calories. Finding it tough to resist food, which I believe should be lessened since the lbs I've lost to exercise solely have been maxed out.

Yup, Christmas weekend feasting didn't help my cause, but in a jolly way. Hehehe.

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