Friday, December 2, 2011

Brooks Green Silence: After 505kms

I've been alternating this shoe with my Vibram Bikilas since March this year. I've adjusted to it fairly well. Two weeks ago I noticed the upper, where the pinky toe stays, has worn down.

This could've been caused by the roomy toebox that the shoe is known for. I'm not complaining of the generous toebox, mind you, since my feet are not narrow. It fits nicely but I think it just got worn down due to regular use.

The solution? I brought it over to the local shoe repair store (Mr. Quickie) and, after 120 pesos, it's fixed!

They've covered the hole with a thin leather on both shoes. The sewn part is only noticeable when you look at the shoe up close.

The ride has been ok again, i.e. no more part of the sock trying to get out of that hole, especially when wearing Injinji socks.

Yup, I'll wear 'em this Sunday on Marathon #3 (QCIM). Hopefully, a sub-5 finish this time.

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