Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Chasing Sub-60

1 hour and 57 seconds.

That's my 10k PR from last year's Mizuno Run. As this year's Mizuno Run nears, it is time for me again to chase my sub-60minutes dream.

In terms of sub-ing race times, I have yet to achieve a sub-30 5k, a sub-60 10k, a sub-1:30 15k, and a sub-5hr full marathon. I think I've accomplished a lot on the half-marathon, my favorite distance, doing a sub-2:30 then sub-2:20 and a sub-2:15 (my current PR). There's this obsession of mine to log sub-6:00/km pace which I think most will agree is a good standard for being an above-average runner. I'm able to do that during 1000m cruise interval workouts (with 2minutes rest) but not during tempos or races. I often found myself out-of-breath and gassed out after a mere 1 or 2km stretch of running sub-6:00/km pace.

Well, I have this chance again on Sunday (I run for Integrity 10k) to hopefully break 60minutes. By the look of my workouts these past two weeks, it will be a difficult task. Moreover, the Buendia flyover will pose as a challenge as it became my Waterloo during Mizuno 2010. But I would like to give it a try nonetheless.

If that fails, then I'll try again...and again....and again....


  1. Good luck, pare! Just remember to have fun during the chase. 'Ika nga nila, "It's the journey, not the destination."

  2. Malayu-layo na rin ang jinourney ko, so dapat ang destinasyon na ang dapat titigan, hehe.

    Yikes, masyado ko na atang pinepersonal. Ito kaseng mga race clocks ayaw makisama eh! :D

    Thanks Julius!

  3. Good luck! Train hard pero enjoy pa den every single run. Kaya mo yan. I like your attitude..

    If that fails, then I'll try again...and again....and again....