Monday, April 18, 2011

Run-blog, will ya?

I keep a blog roll on this site to read about other runners' experiences on, well, running (what else?). I have to be honest that, similar to SheerWill's previous post, I'm missing such inspiring/noteable posts such as those from Gleeman and WMTan.

Nowadays I mostly see blogposts containing ads for upcoming races (which I don't mind as long as the running blogs don't end up like the back pages of a Runner's World magazine wherein race ads are lumped next to each other ---or like your Sunday newspaper classified ads section. Haha!). I guess it's an additional channel that race organizers have found to advertise their races to the public. The blog wins too, in the form of increased visitors.

Unfortunately, I am left wanting, hoping to read more of the running experience itself.

Get out of this writer's block and start run-blogging again, ok? :)

(Wala lang)


  1. Pare, I share exactly the same sentiments. Like you, I also want to read of my fellow runners' thoughts and experiences. That's also the reason why I trimmed my blogroll recently. As you may have noticed, I've kept yours in there (naks!). Keep on giving us the good stuff, man.

  2. @julius, naks naman I'm touched! Heehee.

    As I've said, I don't mind the occassional "plugging." Just don't overdo it. Your blog should be, mainly, about YOU and your running.