Monday, January 10, 2011

The Quest for 152

152lbs is my ideal weight based on ideal BMI for my height (5'6"). I've been stuck with 165lbs for over a year now and there's been not much improvement as the graph below would show (yes, I've been monitoring my weight since 2009. Nerd huh?).

The green arrow was when I first started running (Condura 2009 5km). There was dramatic improvement since then up to around Oct 2009 (purple arrow) when I started training for my first half-marathon (EcoDash 2009) since runs longer than 10k were introduced into my weekly training. Except for the 163.6lbs that I achieved after my first full marathon (July Milo Manila Elims, orange arrow), it was all upward in weight from there. I have to give credit to running ---it really helped me lose the weight.

However, for the past 6 months my weight has been playing between the 164-167lb range. Even with the long runs included for my Condura 2011 training, the weight has not dropped below said range.

The answer to this riddle is easy: my eating habits have not changed. I'm still eating a lot of rice, softdrinks, bottomless iced tea, junk food, etc. That article I read in a Runner's World mag is right. No matter how long/hard you run, if the food intake is still the same, then weight loss will not be achieved. Exercise can only take you too far. It has to be complemented with good (controlled) eating habits.

I really need to work on this in 2011. Hopefully at least a stable 160lbs by middle of this year.

In the meantime, I'm off for lunch. Can I have another hit of KFC pleeeeease?



  1. KFC. Whooohoooo! My goodness, when I have that, I can feel the gravy entering my blood stream. Best wishes with the weight loss thing. THe diet is right on. You can run and run, but if your calories coming in are more than going out, well.......elementary I know. Take care man.

  2. "...I can feel the gravy entering my blood stream."

    Oh yeah, I just looooove KFC! Hahaha...

    OK OK, I'll *try* to control my eating from hereon. :)