Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Body Glide Anti-Chafe Balm

I bought this for around P350.00(?) at Second Wind Running Store Ortigas last week. Being someone who always suffered from chaffing under "there" and resorting to taping the other parts that can be saved from possible burningly-painful-post-run showers, I can say that after using this product prior to an 11km and then a 24km long run both at easy pace last week, it really works!

Another variant of this product comes with sun screen but it costs about 20-30 pesos more. The product is rather pricey but it's better than not enjoying a post-run shower.

A good buy.

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  1. Great Product Review. I have been thinking of getting that for my long runs but, my wife advised me of just using Vaseline. I use that and it works pretty good. I remember the first long run and I didn't use anything. I thought I was fine during the run, but after wards was "aguy" feeling. Ouchhhh. lol. Esp. the shower thing you are talking about. I like the Vaseline but gets messy. I will have to remember this product the next time I head to the running store. Thanks and God Bless!