Friday, March 16, 2018

Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10k - Final Preps

Almost a month since my last post, I'm squeezing this in amidst plenty of office work. I am still training constantly, mind you, in preparation for the Pinoy Fitness Sub1hr 10k which is around the corner ---March 25 to be exact.

I "think" I am already there based on my training results. Clocking a good 29:13 5k on my last time trial, I will just have to manage the remaining 5k mentally to meet sub 1.

There is a slight problem, however. Yesterday I measured the race route on and, if I plotted it accurately, it seems that the route will exceed 10k by around 300 meters.

300 meters is a lot in terms meeting Sub 1hr.

This'll mean that I will have to lift my pace some more to compensate for the exceeded distance. I sent an FB msg to the organizers to fix the extra 300 meters but I doubt if they will make the necessary adjustments.

So, I will have to adjust then. Based on my calculations, the best average pace for a sub1 10.3k is 5:45/km. Whether it be a constant pace throughout or 5k-5:50 then 5k-5:40, either way will make me finish the race at around 59:12 to 59:30 ---barely making Sub 1.

It'll be a challenge to nail this one, but I'm very positive on my chances.

We'll find out after Mar 25.

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