Wednesday, January 31, 2018

Training Update - 01/31/2018

Training has been moving as scheduled for my next race, the Pinoy Fitness Sub1 10k on March 25. Run volume progression has been rather flat per week (long runs have been at 10k at the most lately) so my Trainingpeaks CTL chart reflected the same non-growth. Pace, however, has been improving (I think so, hehe) as reflected in my speedwork and tempo workouts, logging in with modest sub-6mpk repeatedly as much as I can. As the race is less than 2mos away I may have to dwell longer at this mad pace to be able to do a sub1 hour 10k in time for race day (which is riding on a bet with an officemate, hehe) and, of course, longer long runs to up the weekly volume.

I will be missing the Feb25 Phildua Leg1 in Clark due to family commitments so possibly no duathlons for the 1st quarter of this year. However, my bike sessions via Trainerroad have been improving for these past 3 weeks (a 13 watt increase since I started last Nov with the Low Volume Base Plan Phase 1! YEHEY!) and it's been reflected as well in my form/fitness chart in TrainingPeaks. Hopefully this progress continues as I try to balance my preparations for the above mentioned 10k race vs improving my bike FTP.

Weight, well, is still a problem. I'm still at 172lbs (as of this am's weigh in) and it's been really hard to keep away from snacking and eating like I thought I ran a full marathon. I really (REALLY!) need to start controling this so that all that run and bike training don't go to waste.


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