Sunday, November 9, 2014

Injury 2014

I was hoping to get myself injury-free for 2014 as I wanted to join all my targeted races for the year. Today was the Philippine Duathlon Series - Leg 4 in Nuvali, supposedly my last duathlon for 2014.

I wasn't able to race today as I got injured two weeks ago, from of all sports: basketball.

I remember Kenley telling me a couple of years back to stay away from basketball as contact sports and endurance sports don't mix very well.

I should've followed that advice.

I learned it the hard way in the office basketball tournament as my 41 year old chest got hurt from defending an, in my opinion, an oversized gorilla who pump-faked with his shoulder to my descending from flight open chest. I couldn't breathe moments after the impact but, to my credit he wasn't able to get the basket. ;-)

It hurt for several days that I couldn't run, couldn't work, and couldn't even get up from bed first thing in the morning. It was only after 10 days when I decided to go to the hospital and have an X-ray to see what was going on.

The result: the 6th, 7th and 8th right ribs had undisplaced (hair)line fracture. As it was already 10 days after the accident, the doctor said that it was in the process of healing. He prescribed some pain killers and so far it has worked wondrously although I'm limited to cycling.

No contact sports, he said.

Running still hurts, probably due to the up and down motion that my internal organs go through and hit my still healing ribs. Thus, the no-show at today's duathlon race. Possibly my planned Milo 21k next month is scrapped as well.


I'm giving it a few more days before I start running again, probably later this week. We'll see how the ribs feel by then.

Yup, another lesson for me. It's probably time to retire my basketball dreams and focus on duathlons exclusively from here on in. Probably no more contact sports for this 41 year old....

...except with the Mrs. ;-)

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