Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bringing Back my Running Mojo


I'm happy to update that my running mileage has been increasing, albeit slowly, over the past 3 months.

From The July 2013 here is from July 1-11 only so I predict it'll be more than 68km by end of the month.

My tempo and interval runs have been injected back, though not as heavy as when I was training for Marathon #4 last July 2012, but I'll take it. If it's a tempo run scheduled this week, it's intervals the next. I've also introduced regular easy runs without a Garmin nor watch, which puts no pressure on my run which I most often look forward to.

I still have a lot to go in terms of long runs. My longest so far this year has been a 14km last March. I'm slowly getting there as I ran 13k last Sunday (from an originally planned 10) and felt that I could do more.

Of course, I still have my 2-3 times a week of biking, with Saturdays at either MOA or Camp Aguinaldo between 30-40km per ride.


I'm racing again this Sunday. It's a 6k-30k-3k event. I think I did better this time in terms of training compared to my last duathlon (Duaman @ Nuvali) so I hope to do better here pace wise. The bike course is a rolling one so I'm still undecided if I'll remove the aerobars from my bike. T2 will be faster I think since the Lock Laces that I bought and tested will save a lot of time as I transition from bike to run2. 

I hope I learned my lesson from my last race when I woke up late. Registration fee is P1,400.00 so I BETTER wake up in time! Hahaha...